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Stop by Ghost in the Glass in Biddeford, ME

Don't settle for a subpar selection of cannabis products - stop by Ghost in the Glass for high-quality concentrates and flowers. Whether you want to use a medical cannabis card or you're looking to stock your own dispensary, you'll be impressed by our wholesale cannabis store.

Our owner goes by the nickname Ghost and has earned a reputation for high-quality cannabis products. If you've shopped for cannabis in the Biddeford, ME area before, you've probably already heard the name. Call 207-605-6275 now to order concentrates, flowers and more from our cannabis store.

Sourcing only the best cannabis products

Wondering how our cannabis store is able to consistently stock such top-notch products? Our expert collaborates with several local farms to source the best materials for his products. You'll appreciate our wide selection of concentrates and our limited runs of flowers.

Why use cannabis?

If you've been considering getting your medical cannabis card, it may help to know why many users find it helpful. Cannabis can potentially help ease...





Muscle tightness

After you get issued your card, the specialist at Ghost in the Glass can help you find the wholesale cannabis products that you'll prefer. We take pride in providing a personalized experience at every turn.